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So that breakfast, yeahhhh, it sat like a huge balloon in my stomach.  I worked through the morning and was only starting to feel hungry at 12:15PM.  Even if I am not physically hungry mentally I need my lunch break at 12 so I decided to eat part of my lunch and save the rest for later if I needed it.

Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me at work today.  I did have a lovely tempeh, pumpkin butter and almond butter sami.  Probably looked something like this:

002001 I also had some celery and carrots.

I ended up only eating my apple for my afternoon snack before the gym.

It was nice out today, but I wanted to take it easy with some cross training.  I did 25min on the elliptical and 25min on the ArcTrainer.  After my cardio I did some weights and core work.

Tonight’s dinner was roasted!


Cauliflower, parsnips and onions roasted in the oven at 350 for 30min.


I also really wanted some cinnamon raisin swirl in my life so I toasted up 2 pieces of Ezekiel with a little butter.

I finished it off with a lovely spinach side salad with tomatoes and avocado.

Just what I wanted!

I also got a nice birthday card from Andy.  How crazy is this cat!

007 After a laugh and dinner I decided to use up the remaining blueberries in some almond muffins!

008 Yum!!!!

These were so easy to make, but the recipe is published.  Basically it is almond meal, egg whites, flour, sugar, cinnamon, almond extract, applesauce and smart balance topped with blueberries.

009 Of course I had to have one right out of the oven!  Delicious!  (10x better than the last batch I made for you Jen!)

Time to watch a little Bones (it is quickly become Sissy and my favorite show 🙂 ) and then hit the hay!

Kickball starts tomorrow so it is going to be a long day.  We are sponsored by a bar this year, so special!

Night All!

p.s. who else is excited for the new Liberty of London line to come out at Target???


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