Another day bites the dust.  I am in a bit of a funk tonight.  No kickball due to the excessive snow melt, and I think it threw me off all night.

I did have a pretty delicious lunch to break up my stimulus hell at work.



Spinach salad with leftover roasted veggies, maters, avocado, goat cheese, balsamic and mustard.  I also had two pieces of cornbread from the freezer.

I was totally burned out for most of the afternoon and needed a serious pick me up for a snack.  Enter a blueberry almond muffin!

008 Delicious!  I also had a handful of mixed nuts when I got home before my run.  I also had some special birthday mail from my mom, dad and grandparents!  Thanks guys!

009 I went on a nice 3.5 mile run with some foam rolling and core work to end.  Knee is feeling mighty.

I think my afternoon snacks sort of put me over the edge because I wasn’t hungry 2 hours after I showered.  This never happens.  I usually want to eat the second I get out of the shower after a run.  Whoops!  With this plus no kickball meaning no dinner plan I really came up with a random plate of food.


1 carrot made into sticks, 2 small sweet potatoes topped with hot sauce and a sandwich thin melt with spinach and jarlesberg cheese.011 012

Random, yes.  Pretty deliciousness in 5min, yes!

I had an Adora for dessert and I am planning on making it a pretty early night.  I just feel blah.

I am sure to be happier tomorrow because it is Friday!


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