Back In Town

I am back from the beach!


It was really windy, but at least the rain stopped long enough to go see the ocean.  Some of the exciting food included…

014 Green velvet  birthday cupcake! ( I dropped this frosting in the carpet after this picture and it was not pretty)


Loaded fruit crepes!

I don’t have time to do a full re-cap, nor do I really have a lot of pictures because I spent the weekend we a lot of people who would think I was crazy if I started taking pictures of my food.  Lets just say I lived up my birthday weekend with some not so natural eats and they were delicious!

This morning I went back to my love oatmeal.  Unfortunately I have lost all natural light due to day light savings time.

I am having some serious allergy/cold issues (not sure which one) so I opted for green oats this morning.


The usual: 1/3 oat bran, water, skim, Kefir.  Vanilla, cinnamon, flax, Amazing Grass superfood, chia seeds, banana, pb.


Now quickly Food Rule of the day brought to you by Michael Pollan!

Rule #38 : Favor the kinds of oils and grains that have been traditionally been stone-ground.

This goes along with the white bread issue.  The more fiber and germ the better in your bread!  As for oils stick with olive, sesame, palm fruit and peanut oils.

Alright I am going to find some drugs and try and get on the rainy roads earlier.  Lights on today.

My mantra to get through the week is; “Mom on Friday, Sanibel Island on Saturday!”


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