Sick Day

Welcome to the sick bay.  I only made it two hours at work before throwing in the towel for a sick day.  I came home to snuggle with Miss. Sissy and read more into the new Real Simple.

025 I finally got up to make a little lunch around 12:30.  Since I was at home I thought I would take advantage of the toaster oven and my Dubliner cheese I got for St. Patrick’s Day.


I melted some cheese on a whole wheat bagel thin.

I also had the salad that I had packed to eat at work.023 Salad with baby arugula, celery, carrots, avocado and cucumber with balsamic and mustard.

All together now.

022 I have been chugging water all day long and I had a little vitamin C boost for my afternoon snack + peppermint tea.

028 029

Orange slices cut the KERF way.  I will never cut an orange in wedges again!

I was feeling a little better for dinner, I really think I just have very bad allergies, so went with Nick to meet his mom for dinner.  We went to Italian Gardens and I got the Greek Salad and steamed veggies bake.  The salad was good and as I figured there was way too much cheese on the bake.  It was still pretty delicious and I was easily able to take off some of the cheese.  I also had a Sam Adams with dinner.

I had two Adora disks for dessert and a bit of Nick’s peanut butter cup ice cream.

Time to go watch some Wire and cuddle with Sissy pants.

Night All.  Tomorrow will be better 🙂


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