Biggest Loser Burgers

It is Biggest Loser night!  Quote of the night so far from Jillian, “You didn’t come on the Biggest Loser to go the Four Seasons, you have to loose 200lbs off your ass!”  Looooooove it!  I also love that Curtis Stone is on and this week is finally about food!

My day went by pretty quickly due to the fact that I was kept pretty busy.  Deadlines before vacation will do that to you!

I worked until about 12:30pm and I was ready for lunch.


Plain Stonyfield yogurt, clem (that tasted like butt) and a green wrap that was a little early for St. Patrick’s Day.

005 In my wrap I had celery, arugula, avocado, LC wedge and cucumbers.

I continued to work through the afternoon and was finally on my way home and eating my snickie snack.006 Baby organic gala and 1/2 of a strawberry pomegranate Odwala bar.  I really enjoy these bars but rarely buy them.  I need to change that.

My knee was telling me to not go running this afternoon even thought it was 62 and gorgeous!  I opened up all of the windows and rolled out the yoga mat.  I did 50min of a Dave Farmer power flow podcast, and my arms are still shaking!

I got to cook dinner by natural light!  It was great.

007 I made up some turkey burgers with garlic powder, S&P, Worcestershire sauce and hot peppers.

I topped these little suckers with sauteed mushrooms onions and elephant garlic.  I also had some hot dog relish, it was time to bring it back out.


I also had some sweet potato fries and swiss chard (!!!) topped with white balsamic vinegar.

009 010

It was so nice to find organic swiss chard at my regular Giant this week.

Now if you will excuse me Sissy and I need to get back to Biggest Loser and filling out our NCAA brackets!


Don’t forget to wear green tomorrow!



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