Sorry Arugula

Got to make this quick, I have a kickball game to attended!  It is glorious outside, but it is supposed to get colder tonight :(  I was so hungry to eat dinner, I totally forgot to take pictures!  It wasn’t that exciting anyway.  I guess my lunch did not hold me like I had planned.  Boo!

It was still delicious!

006 leftover Guinness stew on a bed of arugula with a side of cucs and an apple.  Cucumber seeds make me burp, what about you?

005 007

It is official, arugula is too strong of a flavor for me.  It masks the other goodness of meals.  I confirmed this at dinner.

I was starving at 3pm and happily wiped out my Zbar!008 spreadsheets in the background!

I did have a nice little present waiting for me in the mailbox today!009 One of my birthday presents from Nick arrived, my road ID!  No close up due to personal info etched on it.  I am planning on wearing it 90% of the time.  You never know when you might need emergency medical care!  I love how the green matches my Polar!

I also came how to a bunch of boys watching college b-ball.  Nick and his friends have a tradition of taking off Thursday and Friday of the tournament and order pizza and wings while watching from 12-6.  That is a lot of TV!

So again I forgot to take pics of my dinner.  I roasted a whole bunch of asparagus in the over for 30min at 350 covered in Lowery’s season salt and oregano.  I ate the whole bunch with a 1/4 cup quinoa with arrabitta sauce on top of a bed of arugula (blah).  I also had 3 pieces of cornbread with real whipped butter – this was easily the best part of dinner.  The arugula killed my quinoa :(.

Momma will be here tomorrow!  I still need to pack, but I have my list!

See you in the morning, wish us luck!


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