Sanibel Dos

We have a had crazy second day here on Sanibel!

We woke up early and I went to the beach to do a little barefoot running, but the wind was gusting and it just wasn’t pleasant out there.

I came back inside for some coffee and eggs.


We didn’t have anything to coat a pan for frying so we went with mircowed eggs topped with green salsa.

Once we finished breakfast we were off to the farmers market!003 Throughout the day we went back three times for things that just looked better there then at the markets.

Check out the loot!

004 Organic kale, beans, lettice, radishes, turnips, basil, cilantro, olives, onion, strawberries (native!), cantaloupe, 2 types of peanut butter (apple and honey cinnamon), pickled okra and a very large cupcake!005I can’t remember what this was but it is supposed to be close to broccoli and cauliflower and it looked so cool!

Red Velvet Cupcakes from a local bakery!


After we put away the goods we were off on another adventure to the seafood market via bike.


The fish did not look good at the fish market so this was one of the times we headed back to the farmers market.  We ended up getting two bull dozer lobster tails and some fresh rock shrimp.

We biked about 4miles total, but my butt hurt so much!  I think we are going to have rent some gel seats for our longer rides.

When we finally got back it was time to make up a lunch with all of our lovely haul!


A lovely little sandwich with FM bread, FM  lettuce, FM maters, avocado, red pepper hummus, and mustard.  I also had some pickled okra and I loved them!  I even ate the stems!  To finish off my plate I had some carrots with my new honey cinnamon peanut butter.009 011


This nut butter is really good!  We spent a long time talking with the creator about his different flavors.  He thought it was weird that I put dark chocolate pb in my oatmeal.  Obviously he had never tried it!

After lunch we headed to the beach for a little shellin’.

012 Yes, those are all shells!  These beaches are covered with them.  You actually have to be picky with your shell choices here.

There was a storm coming in all afternoon so there were a ton of people out wakeboarding.

013 I hope these waves bring some good shells for tomorrow mornings love tide!

We came back inside to wait out the rain and emptied out loot over a bowl of popcorn.


It was then time for some DUKE basketball!  Thanks to Kansas pooping the bed my bracket ruined and I am all in for Duke as national champion!

After Duke laid down a beating and Texas A&M almost beat Perdue it was time to start cooking our bugs!

015 They are actually lobster tails!  FYI fish mongers do call lobsters bugs.

We broiled them for 8min with garlic and basil.  Everything was going fine until the smoke detectors starting going off!!!  The next few minute were me running back and forth between the two detectors waving a pillow.

They came out ok though!


Served with a side of green beans and salad!017 019

The salad was a mix of braised greens from the farmers market, tomatoes, fennel and turnip.

Then it was time for my dessert that I had been waiting for all day!020 1/2 of my red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and cheese cake filling.  This was great!  Really moist and not too sweet.  I usually don’t like frosting, but I ate all of this!

We are now settling on to watch Life on Discovery.  I liked Sigourney Weaver better than Oprah.  I feel like Oprah is trying to come to a moral of the hour long program like her talk show.

We are going to yoga tomorrow morning and then who knows!  Another day on the island and oats with new pb!  Could it be any better?


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