Have we really only been here for 2 full days???   I feel like we have done so much!

Yoga this morning wasn’t really my cup of tea.  A lot of meditation and not a much flow and challenged, but my mom enjoyed it. The teacher was funny at least.

After the class we drove down to Captiva and saw some extremely ugly giant homes.  Doesn’t any one around here know what a hurricane is and that it doesn’t care how much your winter house costs?

We returned home and I was starving for lunch!

003 I made myself up a lovely little snack plate + another hunk of bread while cutting things.


Toasted whole grain bread with mustard and hummus, basil and tomatoes.  Carrots with green salsa and PICKLED OKRA!006 007

My sweet additions were a ton of cantaloupe and the last 1/4 piece of my red velvet cupcake.

After lunch we headed to the beach for a little over an hour, but the wind made it a bit chilly.  We came in but I still got a little pink with 30+ on…

Instead of the beach we opted for a bike ride to the Sanibel lighthouse!

008 010

Can you spy the Osprey in the second picture?

009 USGS bench marker!  These things are so cool they are all over the US.  You are lucky if you find one and were the first pieces we used to make maps of the country.

On the way back we stopped at a local ice cream place.013 This is a small Mocha Java.  It was huge!  We split it and the girl looked and me funny when I asked for two spoons.  Whatever.


We biked back to the condo and hopped in the shower before hanging out and reading some blogs.

It was then time to cook up a mean dinner!014 Turkey meatballs with green salsa and onions and roasted turnips and that broccoli thing we got at the farmers market.  I also had a glass of Malbac.

016 017

I loved the roasted veggies and the meatballs were nice and moist unlike most ground turkey products.

We also had a side salad that I forgot to snap a shot of!

Time to go hang with me Madre and figure out plans for tomorrow.  I think we are calling it a beach day with umbrella in toe!  I am also going to try barefoot running in the morning and maybe do some Dave Farmer.

Night All!


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