Sunny Days

Today was full of sun!

We spent about 3 hours at the beach and that is about all the sun my pale body could take.


My view for the day.  We gathered shells and built a sand castle.  I think we finally have the shelling technique down and are ready to head out early with the pros tomorrow morning.

When we came in at 2pm I was starving!

I made myself another little snack plate.009 Carrots, green beans, maters in hummus.  Orange slices, toast with peanut butter and strawberries.  Loupe with Oikos.

010 011 012

I love strawberry pb sandwiches!


After lunch I was still hungry and had 1/2 of an Odwalla bar to get me full.  I read some blogs and watched Dr. Oz talk about obesity, but I was still hungry!

Mom and I popped some popcorn to eat while watching Gilmore Girls and then we were off to the Mucky Duck for sunset.014 The Mucky Duck is supposed to be the best place to see the sunset and everyone and their mom was there.  We got a couple of drinks and settled in to wait it out.


Shortly after this things got really cold and I put on a sweater and a jacket.  It was breeeeeezy!

And now for the sunset sequence!017 018


 020 022

023 024

025 026

027 021 Freezing our bums off, but it was a pretty sunset!

When we arrived home we got started on our quick planned dinner.  Fresh Rock Shrimp and kale chips!

028 Yes the kale totally overshadows the shrimp.  Love kale chips.  Mom was a trooper and ate most of her’s.

029 030

We finished the shrimp off in lime juice and cilantro.

Now we are watching the Biggest Loser weigh in.  I missed the trainer tips and nutrition this week.

Kayaking tomorrow!  I will be wearing my hat!


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