Good Afternoon!

We have been busy today.  It started out with shelling at sunrise.

001 002

Then we were off for breakfast out!

Mom had been eying the Island Cow for breakfast and they had homemade granola, I was in!

003 I look very “vacation” in this picture.  Some would call it “just awake” or “un-kept”.  Whatever.  I really wanted pancakes, but also really wanted the homemade granola.  I opted to eat 1/2 of a side order of pancakes and an order of granola with milk.

004 Regular pancakes taste so weird to me now that I have been eating whole wheat varieties, but these were still good!005 This was a huge bowl of granola!  I ate about 3/4 of it and could have finished it off, but I stopped myself.

After breakfast we rode our bikes to the nature preserve to venture out in the kayak!

006 Through the mangroves!  Check out all the birds we saw!




Night Heron.


Swimming cormorant.

013 Pelican in a tree!


After about 1.5 hours of paddling we were done and rode our bikes back to the casa and drank a ton of water!

It is 3pm and I think I am finally starting to get hungry again.  That granola held me over well!  Time to make a very late lunch/snack plate!


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