That’s A Lot of Shells You Have There

Hello!  Another day on the island has come to an end.  Check out where we are with our shell collection!


“Big ones five-dolla small ones a quarter!”  We are sorting tomorrow to only take home the best and leaving the rest in the garden of our condo where they have some great shells already.  So far I think these two are my favorite.

021 022

My quick lunch ended up being totally random as predicted.016 white bean salad with turnip, basil, garlic, EVOO and lemon juice.  Egg on toast with hummus and a side of tomatoes.

017 018

I needed a little something more so I went with a little piece of toast with cinnamon honey pb.

019 We kept lunch light because 4 hours later it was time for guacamole!

023 This was the only night we could eat outside without the noise of 20 children in the pool.  My mom staged this shot.  Can you tell? 😉

We filled up on guac and had a nice little salad to round out dinner.

Mixed greens from the farmer’s market, fennel, turnips, 2x leftover turkey meatballs, simple evoo and vinegar dressing.


Not the prettiest picture but it was a perfect light dinner to finish out the night.

Time to relax!

See you tomorrow!


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