Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Hello!  I can’t believe this is our last day on Sanibel :(  We were so busy the whole time and did a ton of stuff + relaxing.  I call that a perfect vacation!  I have had a great time with Momma, but I will be happy to see Nick and my little Sissy Pants.

This morning I had the usual oat bran with 1 banana, and a large blob of pb.  I’ve realized down here that I don’t need to load my oatmeal when I eat at 8 or 9 as compared to a regular work week when I eat at 6:30AM.

001 After my oats in a mug I digested and then we were off to a crazy hip opening yoga class at Sanibel Yoga.

002 The two classes we took her were very simple poses but they were held for long periods of time to get maximum stretch from the muscles she focused on.  The classes seemed to be aimed more at the meditation and connecting the line of the body specifically the liver and gallbladder, which if any of what the teacher was saying was true, we should ALL focus more on.

After yoga we headed to another beach to check out the shelling, but unfortunately when we got there parking was a nightmare and the pay station did not like us.  We took it as a sign to leave and head to C.R.O.W.  This place is an animal hospital and rehab for injured wildlife.

007 They have a huge interactive center and all proceeds go directly to the center and the care of the animals.  Because the animals are patients and the vets respect their privacy we were unable to see any animals, but look how cute these river otters are!

006 Nick and I have a soft spot for otters after visiting the Norwalk Aquarium in CT.  We both wanted to take one home.  Charismatic Megafauna at its best here!

We had planned to eat lunch at the beach so when that plan got scraped we ended up having a picnic in the car!003 Finger sandwich with the last of the multigrain from the farmers market, swiss cheese, basil, hummus and mustard.


Giant olives (jk) and a carrot were also consumed.  We headed back to our beach to enjoy our last few hours of beach time for this vacation.

I finished off my orange from lunch while we were there.

008 Save the bees!

After a few hours on the sand the clouds started rolling in and it was getting chilly!  We came back in showered and started sorting all of our shells!

I kept about 20 and we put the rest into the shell graveyard outside the condo.  It seemed to be what everyone seemed to do around here.  I am telling you I saw so many cool shells as parts of parking lots here.  It was crazy!


I checked us in for our flight tomorrow night while enjoying some chips and salsa and then mom and I got to making out everything but the kitchen sink dinners.

I ended up having the last 3 turkey meatballs with sautéed onions, cilantro, mustard and tomatoes (this would make 3 different meals/flavors with these meatballs, just get creative with your leftovers!).  I also had leftover white bean salad.010 And then in the greens area we had the last of our farmers market braising mix, turnips, green beans, avocado, jalapeno, basil, cilantro and tomatoes.

011 Few that was a lot of food!

Tomorrow we are having a truly southern lunch before we leave and I am super excited.  One of the items is something I have not had since I was a kid because they seem to no longer sell them up north.  Nothing fancy I swear, just delicious.

Time to settle in and watch some of the NCAA touney.  I just want all of the #1 (except Duke) to get out now!  Gooooo  Butler!

We are going to the nature preserve early as long as it isn’t raining so I will see ya when I see ya!



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