Last Meal

Hello, hello!  We are counting down the last hours on the island but so far  it has been a pretty busy morning!

We started the day with a lovely breakfast.

001 2 eggs over medium, cantaloupe with Oikos and honey cinnamon pb.

002 003

Yummy runny yokes!

After breakfast we headed to the wildlife preserve while the rain was ending.

004 Unfortunately we did not see any gators.  The only cool thing we did see on our 3mile walk was a spoonbill.


He was a lot prettier in person.

When we got back to the condo we went for a bike ride to get mom a slice of key lime pie!  We took the long way back to the lighthouse and ended up riding for about an hour.008 We were sucessful and raced home for lunch.  We were starving for…

014 These are not sold up north anymore and I have not had them since about age 10.  I was so excited to see them in the grocery store here!

While these were heating up we snacked on some hummus and carrot sticks + the last of the blue corn chips.009 We also finished off the last two beers.


Key West Southernmost Wheat.  This was a good one.

Finally the peas were ready and I served them with Oikos (we used to use sour cream) on top and the last of the pickled okra.

011 012

Not the prettiest but they are truly delicious.

For dessert mom and I split her key lime pie.013 I really didn’t have much to compare, but mom said this was a really good pie.  I really liked the crust!

Time to get packing and enjoy the rest of our time!  See you in Maryland for the Duke game!


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