Cookie Day

I’m back!

I had a couple of glorious grocery runs today to Whole Foods and Wegman’s and my joy of food has returned!  I was also able to find Florida Strawberries and some pickled okra to cheer me up!

Before I set out I had a mix of yogurt and cold cereals.

001 Stonyfield plain, TJs fiber cereal, Uncle Sam, vanilla almond granola (I will be making my own once this runs out!)002 When I returned from my 3 hours of food shopping I dug right into my favorite Whole Foods cookie (vegan ginger spice) and I made a ice raspberry chocolate coffee.  I really like this flavor coffee.


After eating a cookie I made some!007 I picked up the new Cooking Light at the airport and this coconut chocolate chip cookie recipe!

I made some changes by using – unsweetened coconut, chocolate chips instead of chocolate bar, whole wheat flour instead of white and 1/4 cup less brown sugar than the recipe called for.

My cookies did not look as large as these, nor did I get 25 out of the recipe more like 22 perfect tablespoons.012 I had about 5 throughout the day.

Along with my first cookie I had 1/2 of a Wegman’s whole grain bagel with flax topped with basil and some Dubliner cheese.

005 006

I also had a baby green monster to get my greens in!

004 Simple; two handfuls of spinach, 1/2 naner, cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup almond milk.

After lunch I went to town cleaning the apartment like there was no tomorrow.  Dust bunnies grown very quickly while you are not around!

I finished promptly at 5pm to watch a nail bitter DUKE vs. Baylor game.  Final Four baby!  This year as been nuts!  The only number one to make it probably had the worst odds.

At half time I got started on a lovely Sunday night dinner.

FISH!  Trying to eat more!

Tonight I got some Rockfish aka Striper for northerners (ME!).

I marinated it in honey, thyme and S&P then grilled on the griddler…I almost had a small fire.


This was so moist and flaked perfectly!

Along with my fish I made up some wheat berries that I combined with some sautéed onions and garlic with a touch of white wine and parsley.

009 I love wheat berries!  So chewy and you can put them in just about anything.

All together now.


What is missing?  Something green!

011 I made a big salad of spinach, cucs, carrots, maters, goat cheese with white balsamic, EVOO and S&P.

I had a dark chocolate coconut cookie for dessert.  They remind me of mounds bars.  Mom and I were just talking about them on Sanibel!

Now it is time to watch the second half of Life (with Oprah, blah), it is mammals tonight!

See you in the morning for oats!


One Comment on “Cookie Day”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Lilybeans..going to Whole Foods made me feel better about being home too. The front garden is also full of daffodils…I hope I still have pretty ones for Easter Weekend. Love, Moma Beans

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