Do You Meatless Monday?

Ugh my Live Writer went down after my breakfast post and I had to re-download it tonight.  I am just happy that I am not longer getting error messages and lets hope that does not happen again!

Work was a lot of catch up and data entry.  Not very brain stimulating.

At least lunch was delicious, but turned out to not be quite enough.


Leftover wheat berries from last night and salad.  I also had a large amount of Florida strawberries.


At 3pm I was more than ready to dig into my new snack!

007 I had heard good things about these bars and when I saw them at Whole Foods I thought I would give then a try.

008 Unfortunately I did not enjoy this.  It was just like a larabar with some chia seeds and peach flavoring.  I guess it is my fault for not reading DATES on the ingredient lists.  Not going to buy them again, way too expensive for the taste.

After work I really wanted to go running but it was raining so I opted for 30min on the elliptical and a 10min incline walk instead.  The TVs were out at the gym so my workout was mainly mental to get through the 40min.

We I got home I arranged my shells from Sanibel.009 010

I put my big cockle in a bowl on the dinning table and put the rest into a vase on our entertainment center aka my faux mantel.

After a shower I got started pizza for meatless Monday dinner!

011 I used Trader Joe’s WW crust at my base and topped it with aribbatta sauce with a little less cheese, peas, hot peppers and mushrooms.

013 I love peas!  Also good on pizza, who knew!

I also made us two huge spinach salads with carrots, cucs, maters and avocado.

012 I ended my eating with two more coconut chocolate chip cookies (I also had two when I got home from the gym because I was starving and didn’t want to end up eating an entire pizza myself!)

014 I think these were better today.  Yum!

We just finished killing Sissy aka trimming her nails and now the three of us are hanging out on the couch and I am totally ready to crash.  I hope the rain is gone by tomorrow afternoon, I need to run outside!


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