Do You Soy?

Sissy is ready to blog before Biggest Loser.

011 I embossed her to reduce scary animal eyes with flash.

My green monster and bagel held me over really well today.  I also had a ton of work to do so it made the day fly by.  Before I knew it the lunch bell was blowing.

004 Leftover pizza, strawberries and my very last Florida orange.

005 The dough was so chewy and pillowy.  More peas please!

I knew I needed an afternoon snack that would get me through the afternoon better than the fruition bar so I wet with a classic; granola and yogurt mess.


Lots of tupperware for one day!  4 pieces total.  I am not the only tupperware lover out there but Nick hates cleaning it.  A small sacrifice for the planet.

I was still pleasantly full when arrived home.  I had planned to go to the gym today due to the rain and excessive wind, but I just couldn’t do it.  Instead I did 50min of Dave Farmers podcast.  Looooots of chair.  It was the focus of every position.  I could feel the burn.

After yoga I got started on dinner!

I have cut down on my soy intake after doing a lot of research about how it can mess with me, but I still had a block of tofu to use.  I figure every once in awhile is not going to kill me just READ THE INGREDIENTS OF EVERYTHING!  It is sad that you have to check all of the food you eat. Do you still enjoy soy?

Anywho I marinated my tofu block is honey, EVOO, garlic powder, cumin, chili powder, oregano and S&P.

008 Baked at 375 for 40min.  Nice and crispy!

I put four slices of my tofu on spinach, cilantro, corn, salsa and a big dollop of guacamole.

007 I also had a bunch of broken chips dipped in leftover guac.

009 Multiply that by 2!  I cannot help myself around chips and guac, but at least Nick was here to take it a way from me.

I had two delicious cookies for dessert!014 This is a recycled picture to take a second look at how funny my hand looks in this picture.  Weird!

Biggest Loser is really odd tonight and I am not sure I like it.  Where are Bob and Jillian? Challenges?  Trainer Tips?  Come on people stop crying and get back to it!


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