Mango, Tango

Good morning!  How are you doing today?  The rain has finally stopped and the wind is on its way out of here!  I can actually see the sky, which hasn’t happened since Sunday morning.  I cannot wait to run outside today 🙂

i started off my morning with another breakfast that was not oats!  I am planning and OIAJ tomorrow.

As for today, I had eggs in a hole!

001 Made with 4 grain, 5 seed organic multigrain bread for Wegman’s.

Along with my eggs I had a mini cinnamon honey Sanibel pb with champagne mango (!!).

003 I also had more mango and some banana on the side.

004 I hope Nick enjoys the mango surprise in his lunch today!

Question for today seen on the morning news:

Do you think McDonalds should retire Ronald McDonald because he promotes unhealthy eating aimed towards children?


Boogie time!


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