April Fools

Good Morning!  It is supposed to be a nice 75 today for kickball!  I hope the fields are playable from all of this rain.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer and playing hooky would be amazing, but that would never happen 🙂

Today I went back to an old friend.

Oats in a Jar!


I made the usual mix but added some leftover mango bits leftover from packing lunches.  It made the oats extra sweet and delicious.

  • 1/3 cup oat bran, skim, water, Kefir
  • cinnamon and vanilla
  • chia seeds
  • wheat berries
  • 1/2 banana
  • ~2 tbs mango pieces
  • granola
  • ~1 tbs + raw almond butter

Finishing off this jar means I only have 3 open jars of nut butter.  Does that mean I can start making my own????


With a lovely cup of chocolate raspberry coffee.

In national news, what do you think about this offshore drilling that Obama approved?

Personally I really think that there are better ways to decrease our reliance on foreign oil that don’t disrupt our fragile ecosystem.

Did I already touch on this topic?  Well if I did it is obviously annoying me and I will be interested to see if it can get through the house and senate.

Ugh it is Aprils Fools Day.  I really do not like this “holiday”.

Smiles for nice weather!


3 Comments on “April Fools”

  1. Sarah-Mae says:

    Chocolate raspberry coffee?! Where has this been all my life?!
    Three open jars of nut butter = not enough nut butters to choose from 😛 I think it’s definitely time to start making your own!

    • lilybeans says:

      I know it is amazing! I found it at Giant in their coffee bulk bins so if you have Stop and Shop or Giant near you, you should see if they have it!

    • lilybeans says:

      So I just read your lovely little blog and realized you live in Canada and would not have those stores! You could try adding coco powder to your beans, or if you want I can send you some! Does customs allow coffee????

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