Biking, Almost There

I’ve got to make this quick, we are leaving for kickball and red velvet cupcakes in 30min!

My day was crazy number crunching.  Blech.  Thank you Mr. Obama.

At least lunch was good and kept me going through the day.

003 Kashi crackers, strawberries and mango, salad with spinach, maters, wheat berries, avocado, sweet potato latke, goat cheese and balsamic vinegar.

004 005 I made it through the afternoon just in the nick of time and I was out of that place.  I had a date with my bike!

Before heading to REI I had a piece of toast with banana pb.006 REI is an amazing store!  I had never really paid attention to it because I always thought it was more like EMS, but they actually have some really cool stuff.  It seems to focus on all of the sports Dick’s forgets about like cycling, hiking and paddling.  I really wanted to get my biked tuned up by they couldn’t take it until Tuesday.  I am worried because it is so old that it might need a lot of work :(  I did buy a new helmet and sunglasses.

007 These sunglasses will be good for running too.  They are so light and I won’t look like an idiot running in my normal glasses anymore.

Well I tried to ride my bike a little bit on the NCR trail, but my tiers really needed air and I could tell she needed some love.  Rather then pushing it I loaded the bike back into the car and headed home.  I had gotten a late start anyway thanks to an accident on the way home.

When I got home I started making Nick’s dinner then mine.  I really wanted to use up my leftovers before we leave on Saturday.

008 A lovely bowl of mush!  2 sweet potato latkes diced with 4 pieces of leftover baked tofu, peas, spinach and some organic, zero sugar, Seeds of Change pasta sauce.

009 Steamy mist.

Alright time to get dressed and head out the door.  Lets make it 3-0 tonight!


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