Bunny Cake

Lets Go DUKE!

Duke is playing in the finals of the NCAA right now and the game is already too intense for me!

So lets get back to the Easter recap!

The highlights

003 Easter Bread!  I love this sweet bread and just think it is so festive.  These were our dyed eggs this year.  Much easier and less messy.  I ate about 1/3 of the bread and one of the eggs.  The other egg wasn’t fully cooked!


Pretty tulip centerpiece designed by momma beans.

006 With my candy decorations.  Peeps, eggs and Bacio were eaten throughout the meal.  Easter = chocolate AND plants!005 Check out my Easter basket!  Pansies, tomater, chocolate, REAL red wine vinegar, rosemary, j.crew t-shirt, lettuce (!!!) and KALE!!!!!!!!  I am really excited about the kale and lettuce I just hope I can keep them alive!  It is really warm right now but they say you shouldn’t plant until night temps are consistently above 50.

008 My little family.

009 The star of the show!  He did not stand a chance.  All that was left were his ears.  Even my grandmother had a second piece!  It was so delicious and moist with a delicious lemon custard.

010 Served with strawberries and champagne.

011 We had some photo fun outside in the beautiful day.  I guess most of them got on my mom’s camera :(  Oh well I like this one!

After a seriously long drive home we went straight to bed.

Finally we are caught up today…

you already had breakfast so onto lunch and dinner!

015 Leftover polenta from the freezer topped with Seeds of Change tomato sauce.

016 I forgot how good this was!  Sundried tomatoes, basil and parm cheese.

I also had some carrots, maters and Kashi crackers with the best hummus ever!

017 Sabra luscious lemon.

015 Doesn’t look like much but the lemon flavor really comes out.  I am going to try and recreate this when I start making my hummus in the food processor.

I had forgotten my snack for the afternoon so I patiently waited for one once I got home.  First I had to drop off my bike at REI for her tune-up.  If it is going to cost a lot of money to get her fixed I am seriously going to get a road bike.  I saw so many people cycling today and I really wanted to join them.


Toasted Wegmans bread with pb and jam.  Yum!  Nick does not like pb&j and I do not understand it! (Katherine you are a different story)

After I let my toast digest I headed out for a nice little run.  It was 80 out when I left.  I just soaked it all in.  I ended up doing about 4 miles and felt great!  When I got home I did the usual roll, core and push-ups.

So what did we have for meatless Monday???  Well I hadn’t been to the grocery store in over a week so it took some creativity.

Thankfully mom had given me a head of broccoli to take home.

019 Whole wheat angel hair topped with a sauce of:

  • 1 can no salt added diced tomatoes
  • kalamata olives
  • capers
  • garlic
  • parsley
  • thyme
  • broccoli


We also had a nice little salad of cucs, maters, dill and some of my new red wine vinegar.  This vinegar is much nicer than the grocery store brand I had before.  It doesn’t have the same bite? but instead had a deeper flavor.  I think my mom got the idea from the new Cooking Light we read on the plane back from Sanibel.

Alright Duke is not looking so good.  Time to get my cheer on!

Have a great night!



One Comment on “Bunny Cake”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Lilybeans…yes, indeed I did get the idea for red wine vinegar from our reading Cooking Light together! That was fun, and I am happy that the vinegar I chose for you is good. Perhaps I will try some for myself, as I love red wine vinegar. Love, Moma Beans…

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