Where Is The Water?!

Wow we have had a bit of an interesting afternoon around here.  I got home easily enough but there was afire at the reservoir and we currently have no water.  I am just happy I tested the tap before going for a run because who knows when they will actually get the water back on!  I had actually planned on going for a bike ride, but I needed to pick up my bike first…we will get to that but first lunch!

004 Leftover over very photogenic baked beans and a salad of mixed greens, tomato, cucumbers and avocados with balsamic.005 My day went extremely slow for some reason and I just kept my eye on the prize.

007 A graham, fig oat bar!

008 I cannot wait to make these into fig newtons! (I had another one of these once I got home because they were so delicious and staring at me!)

Chewy + figgy + oaty.  I really liked how the pumpkin seeds got crunchy in the oven.

So back to the bike story.  It was supposed to be ready this afternoon and when I finally got the call at 5:30 I was ready to pick her up.  Again I am glad I couldn’t go for a ride considering I can’t shower.

Well when we got to REI they pulled the wrong bike off the shelf to give me…uhhhh that is going to work.  They had fixed the wrong bike.  I guess they were two bikes with the same last name.  They said they had never seen that happen before and would give me some $$ off the labor.  I am in no rush so I told them I would be back tomorrow!  More money to put towards my road bike!

When we returned from REI I got started on making dinner.

Try making dinner with no water, seriously!


Grilled pork chops with shitake mushrooms, acorn squash, FFL english muffin 1/2 (I was craving carbs), and a salad.  Please also note my giant bottle of water due to our water shortage.  I haven’t bought a bottle of water in a long time.  I actually felt kind of bad…one of my 2009 resolutions was to not use plastic bottles of water.010 Small pork chops are perfect, smaller than my muffin.

011 My salad included; mixed greens, maters, avocado, cuc and goat cheese with balsamic.

My dessert was an un-pictured dark chocolate raspberry egg.  The last one 😦

I am checking the water every five minutes until I go to bed.  Bushing my teeth with bottled water should be fun…

Here’s to a better tomorrow!


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