Lots of Side Notes

Warning this post was written after 2 glasses of wine…

Hey, Hey it’s Friday night!  I remember the days when Friday nights = go out and drink.  These days, things have calmed down a bit.  When you get up at 5:30 it is really hard to stay up late.  It makes me feel better in the morning as well and I actually have a morning!  This obviously does not mean I do not enjoy a glass or two of wine every once in awhile :) 

Before the wine I went through a pretty simple day at work broken up by lovely lunch.

Note to self : Amazing Grass in oats is an amazing stomach filler!

010 My lunch was full of different flavors!

First off we have an orange and Chobani Pom.  The yogurt seemed to taste more like grape than I remember.  It was still tasty and I love that is says “awesome” on their packaging!

011 If you were only organic!  I still cannot turn them down during a 10 for $10 sale, or really any other time I walk by the yogurt isle.

And the main event…wrap-tastic.  BTW I recycle my foil wrapper for my wraps!


In my wrap I had tomatoes, lemon hummus, lettuce, avocado and cilantro.

And the day went…

Then it was time for a FiggyBar!  Note:  Nick really enjoyed them and he is my general public survey 🙂


This FiggyBar was delicious!  I love how you can peel it apart of eat it all three layers in one bite.  So many texture changes and flavors!

This afternoon I FINNALLY picked up my bike from REI.  They knocked off $20 from the labor charges so that was really nice!

Once I got the bike in the car I headed to the NCR trail.  This is where I used to do my long Sunday runs when I was training for my 1/2 marathon.

014 Me at the six mile marker aka the furthest I ever ran on that trail + my bike turn around point today.  It was cold and windy today (30mph gusts).  I can’t wait to see what is past the 6!   Does my helmet look different?  Well it is!

007 The helmet I bought at first was a woman’s and well I have a rather large head and had to return it for a men’s.  It fits a lot better now!

Anyway I rode about 11.5 miles in 48min57sec.  This seemed slow compared to other’s rides I have read about in the blog world, but I did realized I do not have clips on my bike, the wind was crazy AND I was on a mountain bike.  It was pretty hard I must admit you have to be so much more mentally aware when you are on a bike because you are going so much faster than a run!

I can’t wait to ride when it is warm and less windy!  Also on a road bike wouldn’t hurt.

When I got home I was starving, but I need to clean and shower first.

After the quickest shower ever (OK Katherine maybe Kent’s were faster) I started on dinner while drinking a glass of vino.018 I love having frozen shrimp and scallops on hand!  They are so easy to defrost and throw in anything!  This was one of those nights.015 I sautéed onions and garlic in EVOO, thyme and S&P.  Then I added some shitake mushrooms to simmer.  While these were cooking off I cooked off some green beans and added some shrimp and scallops to the mix with parsley and lemon.  This was then thrown on top of a toasted Ezekiel English muffin.  I could eat these for every meal!


017 Now that it is Friday I needed to enjoy it a little, this does not included the wine!  I had a nice little bowl of pb cup ice cream while Jamie Oliver was on the tele.

019 I could totally hit the hay at 10pm tonight.  When did I get so old???

I love my sleep and my days are full of to-do lists, growing up is a bummer.

To end on a bright note, tomorrow Nick and I are attending a Bourbon, Beer and BBQ festival tomorrow and it should be a lot of fun.  I have about a million things to do before then.

Go Jamie Oliver Go!

Night All!


2 Comments on “Lots of Side Notes”

  1. It’s 9:49pm and I literally AM about to hit the hay. I’m 22… ha…
    I think once you start realizing that Friday nights are still a ‘weeknight’ your attitude changes. If I hadn’t worked all day, gone to the gym, and had yoga class I would be able to stay up later 😛

  2. Moma Beans says:


    Read an inspiring review of a new Minneapolis seafood restaurant in the Delta airlines magazine: Not only does it sound great, it is located in the art museum which is in new space on the Mississippi River;

    Sea Change…
    The newest restaurant in Minneapolis, Sea Change, is now open! Under the masterful eye of Chef Tim McKee, the core menu focuses on sustainable seafood, highlighting fisheries that use environmentally responsible methods of gathering and farming seafood. The menu also includes a number of non-seafood items. “I’m very committed to the idea of sustainable seafood,” McKee said, “which means buying from fisheries that are dedicated to making sure fish populations are well-managed. We’ll be looking at things like catch numbers and gathering methods in choosing our ingredients.” Chef McKee is the winner of a 2009 James Beard Best Chef Award and is one of the most recognized and respected chefs in the Midwest.

    I will try to have dinner here next time I am in Minneapolis. There were two other restaurants mentioned but I do not remember the names…good to see an article promoting sustainable seafood!

    Love, Moma Beans

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