More Figs!

Good afternoon.  How are are you doing today?

My day started early this morning with a lovely french toast breakfast.


2 slices of Wegmans bread dipped in egg whites, cinnamon, flax, almond extract and skim.

002 Topped with dark chocolate pb and grilled banana.  I think I actually like my bananas raw better.  I like the temp and texture difference from the toast.

003 Still delicious though!

After breakfast I had to go to the post office and grocery store before coming home and bake!

The star of the show…


A lovely little fig!  It was finally time for me to try and make my version of fig newtons.

In the food processor… the bar filling.


I used the same graham cracker recipe as before except I threw in some oats instead of WW flour… this actually made them less doughy and more like batter.  It was nice that I didn’t need a rolling pin but it got me worried.

006 These actually came out better than I expected!

013 014

They were crispy on the outside crust and chewy on the inside.  I would have liked to have a little more crunch, maybe I can par bake the graham before adding the middle fig?  I just don’t want them to burn!012 While these were cooking I made an AMAZING egg sandwich for lunch!


I used Ashley’s and Kelsey’s poke an spread method to cook two eggs and put them on a Wegmans bagel with 1/4 avocado, lemon hummus, lettuce and some hard cheese I got at Whole Foods.

010 I had a bunch of fruit on the side.


All together!


Alright time for me to get ready for the BB&Q festival!

Now if I could only find my date!


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