Green Thumb

Everyone is planted!


What are in those pots?  Lettuce, kale, 3 kinds of tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, cauliflower, strawberry, 3 kinds of sweet peppers, 1 jalapeno, oregano, 2 basil, thyme, rosemary and I think that is it?  I cannot wait to watch them grow!  I went with the baby plants because I am starting early and I have time for them to grow (being 1/3 the price helped too).  All of my plants were grown by the farm I bought them not in a foreign country and imported it to the US.  I liked this.  I have to keep an eye on the night time temps and make sure I bring everyone in when it gets close to 40!  I really hope they do well this season!

I enjoyed a light lunch on the balcony with my new plants!010 Salad with a slice of multigrain sourdough (yet another Wegmans bread, I have a small problem) and a baby fig cookie.  The reason for my lunch being so small is that I had been snacking on delicious fig cookies throughout planting!


Salad of mix greens, cuc, maters and wheat berries.


I would have loved to sit outside and enjoy the amazing day we were having but I had to head inside and finish my Maryland State taxes.  Barf!  2 pages of federal vs. 6 pages of state.  Maryland taxes are ridiculously stupid, but I got through it.


It was a good thing I finished when I did because this was Sissy’s way of telling me she was ready for dinner.  She looks rather large in this picture, but I swear she is not a fat cat!

Once the taxes were done it was onto cleaning!  Again not exciting but had to get done.

After finally tackling the bedroom I headed out for a nice run.  I did about 4.5 miles and my knee felt great!  When I got home I did some push-ups, rollin and core.

Then it was time to hit the showers and get dinner started!

As part of my effort to eat more fish I cooked us up some trout.  I am becoming and big fan of trout.  Easy to cook, cheap, non-fishy and a sustainable fish.  I just dusted the fillets with lemon pepper before grilling.

016 Along with the fish I served up some asparagus and cheese rice.

017 018

I grilled the asparagus before the fish (I really like asparagus grilled or baked a lot more than steamed) and added some parm and thyme to some arborio rice.


A very nice Sunday meal to round out a nice weekend.

I think I am going to have a little chocolate and snuggle down for some more Life on Discovery.  Animals are so cool!

I hope you had a great weekend!


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