Burger Heaven

Another beautiful day enjoyed in my cube :(  I guess that is what makes the weekends so great, right?

My day went a lot easier that I had expected thanks to government websites crashing.  Was I supposed to say that?

Lunch was a little something of everything.

005 Salad, yogurt and apple.


My salad included spinach, swiss, tomatoes and lemon hummus.

I bet you can guess what I had for my afternoon snack!

007 Fig bar with the original oat topping.  Nick and I both confirmed today that we like the fig cookies better.  They just mesh better together.  These are still good and I might try and work in the granola bar section of it.

When I got home I watered my garden that made it through its first day!  I think I am going to have to bring them in tonight though…annoying, but dead plants would be worse!

After watering and feed Sissy Pants I headed out on a nice and relaxed 3 mile run.  my hammies were super tight so I just wanted to get out there and burn off some lactic acid without pushing it.

After my run it was time to get started on Meatless Monday!

I made these same portobello burgers awhile ago and they were on my mind again.


I marinated the camps in balsamic, evoo, rosemary and S&P before grilling them up on the griddler.  I also sautéed some spinach in garlic, EVOO and red pepper flakes that were added to the burgers.  The final step was adding the last of my Dubliner cheese and a toasted Ezekiel english muffin.


While I was worked on these I had some parsnip fries in the oven coated in EVOO, S&P and garlic powder.

010 These were dipped in a new organic ketchup that is made with agave.  It tasted more like tomatoes and I liked that, it was also thicker than the Heinz I am used to.

008 All together deliciousness!

I think I am going to grab a little chocolate before settling in for some Bones!

I hope you had a great Monday!


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