Chop, Chop

Hello!  It is so grey here!  We were so spoiled last week with nice weather, I want that all the time!  Yet another reason to move to San Diego.  It is supposed to get nicer as week goes on but I am getting kind of sick of moving my plants in and out every day.  I need a cart or something!

I am sort of on a fridge cleanout this week because we are getting a roommate on Sunday, and I am kind of a pantry and fridge hog.

005 Leftover 15 bean soup from the freezer and a piece of cornbread also from the freezer.  Cornbread does not last as long as soup…

006 Open wide!

I was getting my haircut this afternoon so I left work a little early and snacked on a fig cookie just before leaving.007 I agree with Nick that I like these better.  they are definitely more like a cookie!

I wasn’t planning on getting a lot cut off but when Alyson asked I said “hmmmm lets do it!”


I couldn’t get a good picture.  I think it looks better in person.  It is so short, but I like it!  I am just too lazy to manage long wavy hair.

I wasn’t really hungry when dinner time rolled around, but I did want to try out my nooch (nutritional yeast) on some kale chips!010

I marinated the kale in nooch and lemon juice.  It turned out to have too much lemon :(  I was bummed, but I plan on trying it again.  No verdict on nooch yet.

011 In addition to the kale I made a 1/2 Ezekiel english muffin topped with an LC wedge and a runny egg.

009 Obviously there was also ketchup involved 😉

I am planning on a square of chocolate for dessert and then it is time for GLEE!!!!! Until then I will be flipping between My First Place and Biggest Loser.  I am so not into this season.

See you in the mornin’!


One Comment on “Chop, Chop”

  1. Katherine says:

    LOVE the haircut!!!!

    And what is Nooch?? Is that the nutritional yeast?

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