Whoa my body is tired.  I may have overshot my biking limit today, but I don’t really know how to progress on the bike like training for a race.  How many miles should you start with and how quickly should you add miles to your rides???  I will be on Google after this.

It seemed that I kept getting more and more put on my desk today.  We are starting to prepare our 2012 budget and it is already making me nervous.

At least I had packed a lovely little lunch.

003 Gala, string cheese, sourdough multigrain Wegmans bread and a salad.

004 Mixed greens, carrots, maters, cucs, balsamic and lemon hummus.005 I thought I would really enjoy the string cheese because I used to eat them all of the time as a kid, but it actually tasted kind of like well processed cheese.  I will keep them in Nick’s lunch foods from now on.

For my afternoon snack I had another fig bar with the oat top, but I couldn’t take yet another picture of it.  They are almost gone…sort of.  I wish I had someone or something to bake for more often!

After work I headed to the NCR trail to go for a nice bike ride.  I just wanted to go past the 6mile marker and ended up going about 15.5miles all the way to the 8 mile marker!006 It was such a nice afternoon, but it could have been a few degrees warmer out.  There is still a winter chill in the air, but the sun warmed me up.

007 I am hoping to get a ride in at least once a week and maybe have different starting points so that I can see more of the trail!

It was a struggle for me to get my bike up the stairs.  I didn’t realize how much my upper body was effected by riding!

I was also starving and need a quick shower before I got started on dinner.

Steak fajita pizza!


  • grilled steak on the griddler with Worcestershire sauce, all spice, chili powder, S&P and EVOO.
  • salsa
  • black beans
  • tomatoes
  • shredded cheddar
  • grilled onions
  • homemade guac – I also had a few x a lot of this with chips!
  • Oikos
  • Tortilla

I am peeved I forgot the lettuce!


One big pile of goodness!

009 Look, meat!

I had an Adora disk for dessert, but I was pretty stuffed from all of the guacamole! Ole!

Time to stretch out my legs and climb into bed.

Night All!


One Comment on “15.5miles”

  1. What a good looking ride!!! I can’t wait to start riding more!

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