Mustard Thighs

I’ve got to make this quick.  We are leaving for kickball in 20min!

I got to walk at lunch today and it was amazing!  I was so nice to get out of my air conditioned cube for 30min and enjoy a nice spring day.  Do worry I went with other people.  I would never go walking around the west side of the city of I weren’t in a pack.

When I got back inside I was starving and woofed down my lunch.

003 Ugh this picture is so gross colored.  Maybe I will bring a plate and placemat to work one day to be able to eat off of something pretty!

Orange, large carrot and a mexican wrap made with leftovers from last night.


Guac, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes.  Yum scrum!

Guess what I had for my afternoon snack???

005 Fig cookie bar!  I have come to the conclusion that these are really good.  So much like an actually cookie, but not!

After work I had to go to PetSmart because Sissy seems to have gotten what we think is kitty acne.  It doesn’t seem to be bothering her now, but it can get bad and that would require a trip to the vet.  I switched her bowl to metal, which was sad because her food dish is a family dish (I am going to use it for keeping her nail clippers and brush).

Once I had gotten that under control I headed out for a nice little run.  I didn’t map my run, but I am thinking it was about 3.5 miles?

I got home and started in on dinner. (I love my portioning on my plate here 🙂 )006 Chicken thighs cooked in lemon juice, sweet and spicy mustard and thyme.


This actually came out really well!  The mustard really kept its flavor and made a great sauce.

Along with my thigh I had a ton of roasted broccoli and onions.008 I also had a slice of Wegmans bread on the side for some whole grain carbs.  I also snacked on a few Kashi TLC crackers while dinner was cooking.  I was starving!

I’m planning on some Mayan Gold chocolate for dessert on the way to kickball.

Trying to make it 5-0 tonight!  Lets hope it is a quick one, I am sleepy.

Have a good one!


One Comment on “Mustard Thighs”

  1. Snacking while cooking is a must. I do it all. the. time. I’ll even lick the nut butter spoon after scooping out a serving!!! I’m bad!!! ha.

    Your mexican wrap looks really good though, I cant wait for my avocados to ripen enough to make guac!

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