Double Desserts!

Do the weekend dance! Yay!  Along with it finally being the weekend I finally got the new that I am officially a state of Maryland employee!  I have been working for the state for about a year and a half and I finally because a full fledged ward of the state.  I am also getting a little more money which is a nice bonus!

While at work I went for a nice little lunch time walk before settling in for a different by delicious lunch!

005 Wine in the Woods anyone?

Salad with leftover roasted broccoli, black beans, mixed greans and guac.  Plus a lovely organic gala.


I had the usual snack of fig cookie bar before heading home to Sissy and some chores that needed to get done this weekend that I will have no time to do this weekend.  I cleaned both bathrooms, water the plants, vacuumed the whole place and cleaned the kitchen.

Then Nick and I were off to impromptu date night!

Pizza and Ice Cream!

We headed to The California Pizza Kitchen for some pizza, duh!

007 I started off with the Mediterranean small plate with Greek salad, pita, hummus and feta.

Then it was pizza time!

008 Whole Wheat thin crust of roasted red peppers, eggplant, onions and goat cheese.  I only had 1/2 of this personal pizza because after dinner we were going to Vaccaro’s!  I hadn’t been since living in the city when it was right down the street…dangerous!

009 I got a 1/2 Italian cookies and cream and 1/2 amoretto.  I ate it before there was time for a picture but I also got a lovely almond cookie.  I mean when in Rome, right?


Great way to start off the weekend!  Now I just need to keep my self under control at the wedding.  I love wedding cake and will eat your slice of you don’t want it 🙂

I am so sleepy and I still need to pack and figure out exactly what I am wearing tomorrow.  I am trying to fit in some sprint work and weights tomorrow morning!

Enjoy the weekend!


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