Food Processing

Where did the weekend go?  Can I get a do over?

This afternoon I finally made it to Giant to do a little food shopping with a ton of other people.  Yuck.  I hate going to the grocery store late.  I like being alone in the store.  I can examine packages and ingredients while taking up the whole isle with my cart.  Grocery shopping makes me happy, but like I said before farmers markets are way better!

When I returned I set to making my first thing in the food processor for the night.


026 I started by roasted 2 cups of raw almonds.  I think roasting your own almonds add a whole new level then previously roasted.  They were grinding while they were still warm!

I dumped in the hot out of the oven almonds into the food processor and they were off.  It didn’t take long to get a nice creamy almond butter!

I made two types.

The above is almonds + 1tbs chia seeds + 1 tbs ground flax.

My second was almonds + cinnamon + vanilla.027 Nick really liked the cinnamon one and he is not a big nut butter fan.

I enjoyed a sample of nut butter with a gala apple and packed up the extras into the fridge.

025 My second creation was for dinner.

I got the idea of crustini on my brain so I came up with a larger version for my dinner.

I mixed black beans, green peas, basil, sundried tomatoes and S&P in the food processor while I toasted my bread with EVOO.

Then I layered on my pea mixture with tomatoes and some parm cheese and then back in the oven for 10min.028 Yum!  Perfect light dinner after a weekend of indulgences with a side salad.

029 030

I love my food processor!  I am planning on using it for tomorrow’s Meatless Monday meal.  Any ideas as to what I could be making????

I can’t wait for almond butter in my oats in the morning!

Have a great night!


2 Comments on “Food Processing”

  1. Like my kitchen needs more tools. Boyfriend was just asked to buy me a food processor!

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