Wedding Weekend

Whoosh, where to begin?

Saturday morning.

I started off the morning with a trip to the gym.  I always like to start off am indulgent weekend with a good workout.  I did four miles of interval sprints on the t-mill, arms, core and some PT strength moves.

Before I left I had my last fig bar, but my camera at my picture.

When I returned I had an egg in a bagel hole with a caracara orange.

001 002 003


Then it was time for wedding number one!  We were only able to attend the ceremony.

005 This is the only picture I took!  Rebecca looked beautiful and it was a very nice ceremony.

After the wedding we dashed home for lunch.006 Leftover California Pizza Kitchen pizza, salad and Kashi TLC crackers.

007 008

I was still hungry after this, I think because of my early morning workout!  I had the other 1/2 of my bagel with pb, jam and banana.

009 Then it was time for wedding number 2!

011 013

I was sooooo windy by the water the guests were blowing away!  At least the ceremony was short and we were inside shortly, but I was still cold for a long time after that.

015 I started with a glass of white and some veggies, cheese and fruit.

010 Then we has small salads before “steak and cake”  steak with crab cake translations for someone like me.

016 I ate the crab cake, green beans and about 1/3 of the whipped potatoes.

The wedding cake was nothing special, which was seriously disappointing.


More pictures from throughout the night.





It was a great night and we danced the night away!

This morning I just wanted some runny eggs and toast.

That is exactly what we got at a very local dinnerish place in Grasonville Maryland.

024 023

This afternoon is going to be spent getting ready for the week and I am headed out to Giant in just a few.  3 weeks until the Farmers Markets open…I. cannot. wait!

I hope you had a great weekend!


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