Such a Pain In My Calf

Ugh.  Great way to start, right?  Well as good as my run was yesterday, my run today was bad.  I have been trying to figure out a way to get to the gym that doesn’t involve getting into my car after my run.  I found a route that was about 4.5 miles and doable.  Unless of course you strain your calf half way through and you realize you really don’t enjoy running through industrial zones.  It was awful and now I have a sore calf :(  At least I got some strength moves in at the gym I guess.

I have been doing tons of foam rolling and messaging.  I am just hoping it is better by Sunday for my race!  To drop out of another race would be really hard to deal with.  Ice. Roll. Ice. Roll. Ice. Roll.

Before I got to my sad run I ate some more lovely bread!

005 I had the other 1/2 of my calzone + some berries.  My strawberries tasted like water.  Food fail.

006 007

At least this was filling and lasted me until my car ride home where I fueled up for my run.


I got this sample from Kashi awhile ago, but I finally grabbed it as a quick snack.  I actually like dry cereal.

009 Its texture was liked crunchy puffed rice.  It tasted really good!  Kind of like crunchy french toast topping.  I don’t think I would buy it because it goes over my personal rule of 10g of sugar per serving, but it is only 12g so pretty respectable.

Please see above for what happened between snack time and dinner…barf.

At least dinner was delicious!

I made up some delicious grass fed happy cow burgers with parsley, S&P and Worcestershire sauce.


Grilled on the griddler with an onion and topped with provolone and some delicious honey mustard.

Along with my burger I had some sweet tarter fries and a spinach salad.

013 014

The star condiments involved with tonight’s dinner.011


For dessert I had some Maya Gold chocolate.

015 Chocolate makes everything better!  Now it is time to watch Glee.  Get off my TV American Idol!


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