One Up, One Down

Hello, hello!  I have been busy this afternoon creating 2 new recipes since I cannot run due to my calf pain.  One was delicious and the other was an epic fail.

Before we get to that let us rewind to earlier today.  I am super busy at work dealing with budget prep, and I didn’t even get a chance to start filling in my paperwork for my J-O-B.  May 5th will be here before I know it so I better get on that!

For lunch I brought back some old favorites.

004 Homemade flax+chia almond butter and jelly on the last two slices of Wegmans bread and a salad with…pickles!  I love anything pickled, but I always forget that I have them in my fridge.

Funny fact, I used to keep giant jars of pickles in my fridge freshman year of high school and my roommate hated them!  Love you Katherine!  Dr. Pepper and pickles = freshman year oh and Swirl 360.

Other than pickles in my salad I had carrots sundried tomatoes and lemon hummus on a bead of spinach.005 I can’t wait to make my own hummus without all of the additions that Sabra seems to add…

006 This AB&J was so crunchy from the chia seeds in the ab and all of the other seeds throughout the bread.

By the time I got home I was starvin for a snack.007 Toast with banana pb in the gloomy light.  It is raining here.  Then I got started on project number one for the night.

Nick’s dad gave me a huge bag of fresh mint the other day and I had no idea what to do with it.  It is such a strong flavor, and I cannot drink that many mint juleps or mojitos in one week.  I did a google search and my best option ended up with a fresh mint chocolate chip cookie.

008 Things I changed from the linked recipe above to make them “healthier”

  • WW flour instead of all purpose
  • 1/2ed the amount of both sugars – this seems to be an awesome theme I have and I never miss it.
  • 1/2ed the butter and subbed in applesauce
  • doubled the recipe
  • only used one cup of chocolate chips – all I had, but it actually worked out well.


I really liked these cookies!  Obviously these were my good recipe of the night.  They ended up being more cake like, which I actually like, but I am not sure why.  I like how the fresh mint tastes so much more fresh than any mint extract I have added to cookies, and they add a nice green color.


I had four tonight :)  I think I ate so many because of how bad dinner turned out…

I had a recipe from cooking light for pit stickers and I thought I would give it a try.  I think the place where I started to fail was the fact that I do not like to measure.  I was a little heavy handed with the orange zest I believe.


They look pretty don’t they?  At least I got to use my food processor again!

Along with my pot stickers I made a mix of green beans and shelled edamame steamed in garlic and hosin sauce.  They did not make up for the orange.


You win some, you lose some.


Now I just need to stay away from the cookies…


3 Comments on “One Up, One Down”

  1. I’m happy you enjoyed the cookies! Your healthy version sounds like a nice alternative.

    I think they probably turned out a bit cakier because of the applesauce substitution. I’ve found that has happened to my baked good when I use applesauce (even just a bit) instead of all the fat.

  2. Katherine says:

    Soooo many pickles in that fridge!! Ohhh swirl 360, I need to find that CD.

    Those mint cookies sound delishious.

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