Good Morning!  My calf is still sore, but it isn’t any worse.  One day at a time.  At least we are expecting rain so I won’t be bummed not to be outside riding my bike.

I wasn’t feeling the oats this morning and I still have a lot of bread in my fridge so I went with french toast!  I need to get back on the waffle train, but mixing did not seem pleasing this morning.

001 Two pieces of German dark wheat soaked in egg white, skim, cinnamon, vanilla and flax.


Topped with a heated apple in maple syrup and some of my homemade cinnamon vanilla almond butter.

Sissy likes to join me when I go outside to take my breakfast pictures002 She likes to eat the flowers…  I guess it is better than my vegetables!

Fingers crossed my calf has a speedy recovery!  Any tips?


One Comment on “Toasty”

  1. I am so jealous of your warm meals!!! Your calzone and breakfast make my mouth watttteeer!

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