Keepin It Green

Happy Friday!

Sorry I didn’t check in last night we were busy winning our 6th kickball game in a row!  Booya!  We are amazing haha.  I would like to win so that we can quit next year.  Everyone on the team is getting pretty old for Thursday night drinking.

So lets do a little recap of my green eats yesterday for Earth Day!


002 003


(Multiply this picture x2) – I am bringing these to work to get them out of the house!

005 Random dinner…I had shrimp planned but I was not feeling it this afternoon so I went with a delicious omelet.006 007

In my omelet: sundried tomatoes, cheese, peas, kalamata olives, rosemary, S&P, garlic powder.

In my mini green monster: TJs whole grain drink, frozen tropical blend, large handful spinach.

I really liked this random dinner!  The best part about it?  Nick tried my green monster and said it wasn’t that bad, and he wanted to try one!  Too bad I used the last of the spinach :(  I cannot wait to make him one with raspberries! (His favorite fruit)

This morning I had a simple Friday breakfast.

009 Cold cereal bowl: Oikos, shredded wheat, TJs fiber cereal, Uncle Sam, strawberries, homemade almond butter with cinnamon and vanilla crumbles, skim.



My calf feels good today!  I didn’t notice anything yesterday at kickball so I am going to head to the gym today and take it easy to see how it feels under a little stress.  I think I will be good to go for my race!  I also signed up for another race last night, but I will get to that tonight!  It should be fun with a little mini vacation for Nick and I!

Time to get this Friday started!


One Comment on “Keepin It Green”

  1. I’m glad your calf is doing well!
    I am so glad it’s Friday, sometimes it feels like an accomplishment just to make it this far ^_^

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