Lentil Love

I am so beat!  I am not really sure why, but I do have a lot to do tomorrow so I am planning on watching Jamie Oliver in bed once I am done with this post!  I can’t believe it is series finally tonight, I wish they had touched on more aspects of the backwards food programs of America ie. farming and labor!  I guess with only 6 shows you can’t go that deep into the story.

I was really uninspired while making lunch today so I was only excited to eat because I was hungry.  I hate meals like this!  They seem to happen on Fridays when the fridge is running low on the good stuff.

 011 Wrap and orange. Yep.

012 I really like Minneola oranges better than navel ones!013 In the wrap: carrots, maters, LC wedge, lemon hummus, hot peppers.  It was not enough.  Thankfully the group next to us was having a party and they shared their leftovers.  Some of the food was not pretty.  You should see people around free food!

014 I snagged some olives and cheese, which is exactly what I needed.

The day came and went and I was finally on my way home through awful Friday afternoon traffic.

I made a little pre-gym snack before heading out the door.015 I am slowly finishing some bagel thins, but I really put off by how many preservatives they have in them.  I can’t throw food out but they have been on my counter for at least a month and have no mold.  My Wegmans bread grows mold in 3 days…yep.  Anywho I spread on homemade cinnamon vanilla almond butter and jelly.  Best after work/school snack.

Then I went to the gym to test out the calf/knee.  I did 30min on the elliptical and 15min incline walk, with a 2min run to end.  My calf is still a little stiff, but I think with rolling and another day off she should be good to go.  My knee is still the same, working but I need to be nice to it.  Arms, legs and core then home for dinner!

Nick was no here for dinner so I got to make something he is not a fan of, lentils!  Man I love lentils.

I have heard of Snobby Joe’s all over the web so I started with this recipe and just went with it.

018 I didn’t have any tomato sauce so I added marinara and fresh tomatoes.  I also 1/4 the recipe because I was only making one serving. These were so good!  Lentil love baby.

Along with my lentils I had some green beans drowned in sweet and spicy mustard that made my nose run!  It is like wasabi in that way.


016 Jamie Oliver is making me laugh.  A child had McDonalds in Elementary school…yep.

OK time to hit the hay.  Where is Sissy Pants?

Enjoy the weekend!


4 Comments on “Lentil Love”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    LilyBeans…keeping bread fresh(er), keep it in the refrigerator. Don’t want to lose the benefits of no preservatives! Love, Moma Beans

    • lilybeans says:

      I know that mom! But it doesn’t taste the same from the fridge so I try and keep it out as long as possible. Call you in a bit.

      • Moma Beans says:

        You are right….it is definitely a trade off! Had some fresh sour dough from WFM tonight…heavenly!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the Snobby Joe recipe. I need to make another batch myself!!

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