It’s Race Day!

Good Moring!  It is race day and it is rainy!  I am going to take it as a metaphor for my running struggles for the the past 4 months.

Sorry I didn’t post anything last night.  I got home from my adventures around 12:30 made an new lunch and cleaned our apartment for 3 hours until dinner!  I was on fire.  Once I start cleaning I can’t stop or else I will not get back up.

My lunch consisted of smoked trout!  From a can!  I HATED sardines so I was worried about trying another fish, but this one was smoked and known for being less oily.  I googled what to do with smoked trout and this is what I came up with.

002 Smoked trout with avocado, roasted red peppers and goat cheese.  It was actually really good but I think it would be better as a bite rather than a whole sandwich.  The best part was the Great Harvest Dakota slice of bread on the bottom.


I also had a Minneola orange.

003001 Lovely light lunch.

After cleaning I wanted something quick and easy.

Enter sweet potato and backed beans by Caitlin.


I also had another small slice of Dakota.  I love the seeds throughout!

006 007

Lots of roasted boccoli also made an appearance.

Whoops I just checked the time I will have to get back to you with breakfast!

Wish me luck!


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