113/1416 overall and 8/193 in my division!  27:35 is my official time, but there was just a gun so no chip time from starting line to finish.012 For my first race back I think I did great.  my knee is a little sore but I just “feel” it no extreme pain and my calf is 100%.

Check out my odd swag bag.

013 Anyone need any caulk?

Back to my fuel from this morning…oats minus the added yogurt or Kefir so I didn’t get weighed down.


Oats in a jar with what looks like a giant cup of coffee!

010 011

Banana pb jar with oat bran and strawberries topped with granola.

When I returned from race I made a hemp protein shake with skim and frozen mango.  I also had a slice of Dakota bread because I cannot get enough of it!

014 015

For lunch I met up with Nick’s sister, his mom and her roommate for lunch at Panera.  I got the fuji apple salad with chicken and then 2 cake samples with a glass of wine at a wedding show we went to for his sister’s wedding.

When I got home I cooked up something light for dinner.016 Giant salad of Romaine, spinach, mini peppers, chickpeas, pepitas, feta, avocado, tomatoes, lemon juice, balsamic and S&P.

017 Of course another slice of Dakota entered the mix.018 019

I had an Adora disk and a kiwi for dessert, but they escaped the camera.  Time to go snuggle with Sissy with what is left of the weekend.  It is thundering outside!


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