Loads of Spinach

Another Monday bites the dust!  Too bas it is still cold and rainy outside and it is supposed to be like this until Thursday :(  Do I live in Seattle???

At least I had some good food to get my through the day!  I had spinach with every meal today!  Crazy.  Just call me Popeye.

006 Spinach meal number 1: salad with mini peppers, maters, avocado balsamic.

007 I also had a mango and pb sandwich on Dakota bread.  Mango and nut butter is an amazing combination!  I may repeat this tomorrow, but it went down the hatch way too quickly!

After work I came home and made a lovely snack.008 Gala with homemade cinnamon vanilla almond butter.

009 After my snack I went and tried out some REI bikes.  I thought I would be able to figure out my size to compare other bikes, but they only come in small, medium and large.  I tried out a few and liked one, but this is a huge purchase and I would like to do tons of test rides.

When I got home I got started on a Meatless Monday dinner!010 I based this off an Ellie Krieger recipe for a ravioli toss.


  • pack of whole wheat 6 cheese tortellini
  • roasted red peppers
  • tomatoes
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • sauteed onion and garlic
  • avocado
  • dressed in EVOO, red wine vinegar, S&P.012

I also had a special little dessert that I think I left in the freezer for a little too long, but it still tasted good!014 Frozen chocolate Greek yogurt.

015 Left out to defrost, and enjoy!

On the exercise front my knee definitely loves the foam roller!  I think I am going to try and attend Bikram tomorrow, but it all depends how I am feeling.  The bike hunt will continue!


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