Vega What?

Hey there, how is your day going?  As I mentioned before the temps are dropping tonight and we have a frost warning!  Where is my warm spring weather??!? 40 tonight and 86 on Sunday, that makes sense. My plants are all tucked in inside and I filled the bird feeder.  I am worried all of the grubs they feed on might die 😦

Just a warning, some of my food was a little random today!

Lunch Time munchin’


Giant salad with Romaine, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, avocado, baked beans and chickpeas.

005 Considering the amount if fat and fiber in this I was surprisingly hungry a short time after.  Thank God I also some Kashi crackers to go with.

006 Snack Time:

I had a new snack that I spent my whole paycheck on to try.007 008

I liked it, but I wasn’t really anything special.  It didn’t really have a taste but I liked the crunch of the spouted grains inside.  I have a chocolate one I have yet to try, but as of now there is no way I am dropping more $$ on these again.

After work I went to the gym to do a gentle workout on the bike.  I did 30 moderate minutes and a few arm exercises before I got a huge bubble of heartburn or something right under my left ribcage.  It was awful.  I decided it was better just to leave the gym and get home for some TUMS.  To make matters worse, I think it was the Vega bar.  Yet another reason not to brake the bank.

Due to my issues I had some really weird food cravings when I finally wanted food.



Yep, that is dinner.

010 Giant artichoke with lemon butter.

011 Two pieces of Dakota; one with homemade cinnamon vanilla almond butter and the other with…


Crofter’s Superfruit spread.  I went with the one with passion fruit.  I really liked the fruit chunks.

For dessert I had some Endangered Species dark chocolate with hazelnut toffee pieces.

013 You can see my “indoor” plants in the upper right corner 🙂

Time to snuggle with Sissy and get ready for Glee!


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