New Breakfast and BARCS

Good Morning!  I am running a little behind because I didn’t want to get out of bed and step on the cold floor.  Thank God for furry alarm clocks!

I had a new twist on breakfast this morning!

I have seen these everywhere but I think I liked Brandi’s presentation the best and it made me go for it.

001 Oat bran banana split on one of me new plates!

Banana on the bottom with normal oat bran of 1/3 cup OB, vanilla, cinnamon, skim and water.


Topped with plain 365 yogurt, 3 types of nut butter; homemade chia + flax, homemade cinnamon vanilla and regular crunchy pb.  I also threw on some flax, chia seeds and strawberries.


This was a great switch from my usual oat bran prep!

On another note: There is a story coming to the 11pm news tonight about the animal shelter where Sissy is from.  They are doing a story about the rate they have to put animals down.  A woman surrendered her 3 dogs and they were put down within 15min of entering the shelter (She has to turn them in because she couldn’t pay $3000 worth of violations).  It really bothers me that people would accuse BARCS of any sort of animal cruelty or neglect.  After being a very bad volunteer there 😦 I need to go more!!!! I can honestly say that everyone there would love to have a day without a trip to the Rainbow Room (yes that is the name of the euthanasia room).  They are even having a special where you can adopt an animal without paying a cent as long as you qualify.  So yes, that means they are loosing money.  I really hope the story does not hurt BARCS because that only means more animals will suffer and head over the rainbow.

Support your local shelter and get your animal spayed or neutered!

A morning message for thought.

001 Love Sissy Pants.


2 Comments on “New Breakfast and BARCS”

  1. Katherine says:

    I wish I could adopt every animal, I hate that any wonderful creature has to suffer. Sissy is a very lucky girl to have you as her momma. Cant wait to adopt a pup from my local shelter!!!

    xoxo to you and sissybutt

  2. Moma Beans says:

    LilyBeans and Sissy Pants…
    I just made another donation to BARCS so more sweet kitties like Sissy will be able to find homes. It must be so sad to work in an animal shelter and hard to believe that people would not be attentive to the responsibility of having an animal…how could you not respond that way to unconditional love. purr….Nala agrees!

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