Slicked Species

Do you remember this from last week?

oil A huge oil spill off the coast of Louisiana. Source

It is getting closer to land and when I head the NPR story with wildlife experts testimonials’ of the expected destruction I started to cry.  The Gulf is such a delicate ecosystem as it is.  There are already points when the waters become anoxic (no oxygen) and create dead zones in the middle of the ocean.  This oil spill is going to kill a lot of things.  From oysters beds to birds and sea turtles.  What bothers me the most is that it took until today for any federal aid to head to the area.  Now only when humans and the economy are at risk do we care.  I don’t want to get to into it, but why wouldn’t the ecosystem be important enough to save on its own?

oil2 Source

No matter who is helping, it is coming.  This oil spill is going to affect this area for many years to come and some species that are already extinct may not make it out.  If I could I would go to LA and help with the cleanup, but I don’t have the money or time off to go.

Off my personal environmental soap box.

Back to light hearted food topics 🙂007

Lunch was lovely!

005 Romaine and spinach with peppers, tomatoes and avocado with balsamic.


Plain yogurt with mango, kiwi and granola.  This yogurt parfait was amazing!  Fresh fruit >>>>>> than sugar fruit in most yogurt.

For my afternoon snack I gave the Amazing Grass bars another try.  I just have an issue with the 27g of sugar!  The second ingredient is sugar!  I think I might try and make these on my own with my own Amazing Grass superfood powder.  It will be cheaper at least.008 After work I headed to the trail for a nice bike ride.  I am really trying not to run two days in a row.  It is going to be hard, but today I did a nice 12 miles on the NCR trail.  I am pooped after.  I cannot wait to have my road bike with tires that don’t slow me down.

I was starving when I got home!  I showered quickly and has a slice of Dakota because I seriously felt like I could pass out.

I then had enough time to think though dinner and take the time to enjoy it.


French lentils on toast with kale chips.

010 Mix of French lentils, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and avocado.


I love lentils!  I am a little peeved because Nick threw out my leftovers while he was doing the dishes :(  I was too slow.

I just had some espresso bean dark chocolate and I am heading to bead.  I’m not feeling so hot and I can’t stop thinking about baby birds covered in oil.



One Comment on “Slicked Species”

  1. Mmmm. I have mango, kiwi and granola sitting at home. I think a fruit parfait tonight is in order!!!

    I know what you mean about trying not to run. Lately my lower body has been acting up a lot after a run, so trying to substitute in walking, biking, swimming or any other kind of ‘workout’ is a real hit to the ego! If only I didn’t attribute cardio to running quite so much!

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