Week – END

Hola!  How was your weekend?  I think I am finally recovered from my mint juleps and bourbon brownies yesterday.  I used to be able to drink like a fish and now two drinks takes me down.

I had a nice and easy lunch.

010 Pita with spinach, homemade hummus and pepper jack melted cheese.  I also had a pink lady.


I might have picked apart a few bourbon brownies along the way too.

I also had a little baking experiment today.  Banana bread bars.

012 I am some “just bananas” (dried bananas) from TJs that had been around for awhile so I made them into my afternoon snack bars.  The recipe isn’t the best, but they will do the job of my afternoon pick me up!

After lunch I did a bunch of cleaning before heading to the gym.  I needed a serious sweat session and a movie was on the TVs so I got in 30min on the bike and 30min on the ArcTrainer.  I ended with some strength moves and core.  It felt food to sweat.

The weather was so nice Nick and I decided to go out to dinner and find a place we could sit outside.  We settled on The Falls in Mount Washington.

013 We started off with some braschetta that were pretty good, but I would have enjoyed some extra balsamic.

014 I got the salad with beets, onions, feta a greens for my entre and added a side of summer squash to it.  For $8 this salad was really small and could have used more beets and less onions.  Nick got a bison burger that he said was cooked poorly.

Lets just say we will not be going back there.

Nothing a little white chocolate mousse couldn’t fix.

015 I really wish we had a self serve for-yo place here :(  Maryland and their stupid snow balls.

I am pooped.  Time to climb into bed and get ready for another week.



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