I had a very successful evening!  I signed up for TWO BARCS events and I went to the first farmers market of the season!

The first BARCS event is a Preakness Parade to support the initiative between BARCS and the MDSPCA to adopt 500 cats in the month of May.  Adoption fees are waved and the kittens are coming in by the box load.  My second event is at a Whole Food, grilling food for donations.  That sounded right up my alley 🙂

I have been feeling bad about not living up to my volunteering so I am really happy I can do two events this year.

Before my success of an evening I enjoyed my last day as an Maryland Center for Environmental Training employee.  Tomorrow I will become a state employee, furloughs and all.  Pension please!

I also had a lunch I couldn’t wait to dive into!

004 Plain Brown Cow and a salad with leftover zucchini boat stuffing on top of Romaine, hummus, avocado and carrots.005 Totally delicious!

I repeated my snack of banana bar before heading to the farmers market.

006 The market was pretty light on items, which is to be expected.  There were lots of plants and greens.  I picked up the most amazing organic greens mix, asparagus and some pollet eggs.  I will go into the eggs more at breakfast, but they are so cute!  I cannot wait for farm fresh eggs.  After seeing them on Ashley’s blog I knew I need some in my life.

When I got home from the market I did 30min of yoga sculpt in all its up dog glory and then got started on dinner!007 Summer salad!  Greens from the farmers market that included…

008 pea shoots…

009 baby beet greens with baby beets, and spinach, greens and kale.

010 I also added roasted onions, tomatoes, farmers market asparagus, Morning Star black bean burger (Sunshine are better), cucumbers all topped with a red wine rosemary vinaigrette.

I also had some lemon, mint sun tea.


See the mint leaves?!

After dinner I went on a 20min walk because the weather was so nice I couldn’t resist.

I had a little chocolate upon my return for a sweet little end.012 Best. Chocolate. Ever.

I’m off to watch Glee and snuggle with my six toed, pansy eating BARCS baby 🙂

Have a good night!


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