Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I hope you have a day full of margaritas and guacamole!  I have a special meal planned for dinner and plan of having a little tequila.  Nothing like college though!

I didn’t really get into the spirit with breakfast, but I did have hot sauce!

Lets start with my eggs!

Pollet eggs are from hens that have just started laying, but they are not up to par with their older roost makes.

001 The white is the pollet and the brown is a large.  They don’t look much smaller to me!  They were 18ct for $1.50 vs. 12ct for $3.00.  They taste the same with the same orange yoke, cage free and grass fed, so give me a pollet any day.

I fried up two of them for a little breakfast sandwich on a flatout fold.

003 Topped with Franks and a little S&P.

I also made a Brown Monster.


I didn’t measure but in the mix was…

  • spinach
  • frozen raspberries
  • chia seeds
  • flax
  • banana
  • slpash OJ – seriously made the smoothie
  • almond milk

All together.


A nice little different breakfast!  I am excited about my eggs.  Egg salad anyone?  I have a ton of eggs now!

Have a great Wednesday!


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