Up And At Em

Good morning!  Time is already escaping me and it is only 7AM!  I am trying to get to the Farmers Market before going to Civic Works and volunteering to make an Urban Garden for B-more.  I am kind of excited, but it is 5 hours of moving compost with high winds and a chance of a t-storm.  I just hope they don’t come together.  I was thinking of going with cold cereal with yogurt, but I decided to treat myself.  It is Saturday morning!  It is also probably why I am running late!

001 2 slices of whole wheat dipped in skim, almond breeze, flax, 1 pollet and cinnamon.

002 Topped with defrosted frozen raspberries, pb, chia seeds and some almond vanilla granola + 2 handfuls of granola eaten while cooking.

003 Delicious!

Wonder what Sissy does while I take pictures outside?004 005

She stalks the bird feeder.  Doesn’t her white bib look pretty?  We take her collar off at some point during the weekend to let her neck breath and so we can sleep in a bit without a bell ringing at 5:30AM.

Ok I have got to get on the road!  I am going to try and document my experience, but we shall see!

Happy Saturday, make the most of it!


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