Happy Mom’s Day!

Good Morning!


It is freezing today!  We have frost warnings tonight and tomorrow night.  What is going on Maryland?!?!  Mom is coming tomorrow for dinner and to celebrate a delayed mom’s day and I wanted the weather to be warm for her.  I can’t wait to see her!

Another big event…yesterday was my blog anniversary!  Yes, it came and went with no candles and cake, but that is OK.  I need to figure out where this little baby is going and what I really want to do with it.

On that note lets get back to the last 24 hours of my life.

Yesterday after breakfast I ran to the farmers market, and then I shoveled compost and snipped seedlings for about 5 hours at a small urban garden in a not so nice part of Baltimore.


The school where the garden is.  They have problems with vandals in the area.

002 One of the hoop houses.  Both pictures were taken from the car it was not the place to snap happy shots.

When I got back in the car at 12:30, I was hot and hungry.

I had the mini pb and j from my packed lunch to hold me over until I got home.

003 When I got home I washed a ton of lettuce and then made a nice lunch plate.


Orange, pickles and a wrap with spinach, meatless balls and goat cheese.

005 006 Then it was time to get started on a dessert for Mothers Day.

007 Rhubarb from the farmers market.  Sissy wanted to check it out.009 010

008 I made baby rhubarb upside down cakes with farmers market strawberries and homemade almond macaroons.  I am thinking about making brownies  and sprinkling these in top.  That is if I don’t eat them all first!  I think I had about 8 yesterday!

For dinner nick and I went for sushi.  It was nice because I was not very hungry from the macaroons so I just got a spicy tuna roll and two pieces of unagi.


The other stuff is Nick’s.

Finally we are caught up to today!  I need to leave for the grocery store in a minute so I wanted something with minimal dishes and tasted good.

Enter yogurt and cereal in the yogurt container!012 TJs fiber cereal, kashi H2H, strawberries, vanilla almond granola, pb, yogurt and a splash of skim.



Time to bundle up and get out the door!  We have to leave in two hours for brunch!  Maybe I won’t be making brownies.


One Comment on “Happy Mom’s Day!”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Thanks, Lily Beans…so looking forward to seeing you no matter what the weather. Am a bit worried about all the plants that I put in the ground….not sure I should leave them covered until Wednesday when I get back here. Well, I will make a choice and hope for the best! See you tonight. Love, Moma Beans

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