His and Hers

About 6 six nights a week I make both Nick and I dinner.  This presents 2 issues.  Nick eats/needs a lot more food than me and he likes to eat meat during dinner (except Meatless Monday, which he totally embraces!).

Tonight I thought I would highlight a dinner that I make to suit both our needs.


We both had stuffed peppers with a side salad of sorts.


  • larger pepper of the two stuffed with
    • rice
    • 1 sausage
    • mushroom, sundried tomatoes, hot pepper and a bit of marinara – which I also used in mine.
    • topped with parm


  • salad
    • tomatoes
    • cucs
    • red wine vinegar
    • spanish olive oil
    • rosemary
    • feta (omitted from mine because I already had cheese on my peppers)



  • smaller pepper stuffed with:
    • mushroom mix noted above
    • peas
    • refried black beans
    • topped with parm


  • salad
    • tomatoes
    • cuc
    • red wine vinegar
    • spanish olive oil
    • rosemary


The key to making a veggie based and a meat based meal at the same time is to come up with a common denominator.  I used my mushroom mix for this tonight.  It was really easy to mix the different stuffing.  I just made the mushrooms and then poured it into a bowl with Nick’s rice and sausage before stuffing it into the pepper.  It only involved one more dish.

I will try and post more His and Hers meals from now on because I feel that it is an issue that many face because men and women do not require the same intake every day.

Off to kickball!

Have a great night!


2 Comments on “His and Hers”

  1. V says:

    The dish you cooked tonight must’ve been delicious! It’s very popular in the Mediterranean area, especially in Greece (I remember having some in Rhodes, but not as healthy as ‘hers’). In Sicily they use tomato in lieu of pepper, and then they stuff it with rice and call the dish “Arancini” (=little oranges..??.. don’t ask me why!!).
    Any clue anyone in the blogosphere?

    I’m gonna cook the same tomorrow, and do you know what? I’m gonna add some saffron to the rice – it adds color and zsest! (another interesting twist might be using farro instead of rice – yummy and healthy!).

    • lilybeans says:

      That is a great idea V! I need to cave and buy some saffron. I love the flavor. I usually use rice because Nick is picky about his grains, but I might be able to sneak farro or maybe quinoa?

      No idea about the “little oranges”, maybe they turn orange when heated? I haven’t stuffed a tomato in a very long time, but it is a good idea for summer!

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