Life List

Do you have a life list?

I know a lot of people in the blog world have been posting “life lists” and “bucket lists”, but I find that things like that stress me out a bit.  I would spend too much time worrying about getting everything done rather that enjoying the activity.

There is one thing that I want to do before I die, and that is to visit every state in the US!  I have already been to 23, and the rule is you must have slept there (airports do not count!)

I put a map up in my cube to give me a visual of what I am working for.

001 I also put push pins in the states I have been and I have 2 two tacs for places I would call “home”.

I was talking to Katherine about how to tackle this, and I am thinking National Parks.

I think my first quest will me the Trail of Tears.002 Why not learn a little history on my journey.

I know this will take me a long time, but I will be patient.  I am hoping to live a long and happy life, so I am in no rush.  Plus I would really like to go back to some states I have already visited mainly AZ and CA.

I currently will not be taking leave until October due to my new employment status, but I CAN wait.

Do you have any life goals?  Do you set time limits for completion?

In other news:

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  This was my Friday night activity.

004 Now it is time to get moving!  I am going to NJ today to visit a long lost friend from college!


2 Comments on “Life List”

  1. lippocikarang says:

    I will consider to visit every province (33) in Indonesia before I die as my life list.

  2. Moma Beans says:

    Travel to far away places….Trail of Tears – amazing history…maybe your library has a copy of the PBS show on this!

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