Garden Update

Well first and foremost we currently have two field mice that have taken a liking to our garden “shed”.  Sissy loves them, but I do not.  I thought it was just one, but now that there are two I may have to find their nest before there are babies.  Sissy would just love it if I would let her outside one night to put her six toes to good work, but I am not that cruel.

Back to the plants.

Everything seems to be growing well except we seem to have some aphids showing up so I am going to need to get some organic spray ASAP.

Highlighted plants…

001 Cauliflower.  I find that these require the most water of all my plants, but they sure have grown!


Yellow sweet pepper flowers.  I am excited for these to start growing.003 One of three tomatoes.  Two plants seem to be going full force while the other lags behind, but I think I maybe have gotten two early tomatoes and one regular.

004 Zucchini leaves the size of my hand.  There are already zucchini blossoms coming out 🙂

Finally, last but not least.

005 One of the most amazing strawberries I have ever tasted!  After I read Ashley’s post about organic strawberries I was happy to know where my berries were coming from and what kind of soil it was grown it.  My only regret is that I did not buy more plants.

I cannot wait to see what my garden produces.  My current issues are mice and aphids.  I am more worried about the bugs.  I need some lady bugs.

Cheer to another Monday being over!


One Comment on “Garden Update”

  1. Moma Beans says:


    Remember all the mice we had in our house in West Hartfod…and how we rescued the mice from the kitties, most of the time…other than the one we found on the coffee table! I think the mice may be attracted to the bird seed. OK to bring the bird feeder in anyway…unless you want a finch feeder like I have in summer at the house. Yummy veggies! Are you going to cook i fiori? – the squash flowers! You are talented…but I knew that already! Love, Moma Beans

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